Monthly archives: August, 2015

Teaching Music: quick guide for begginers

Are you planning starting to teach? Maybe you are currently teaching but don´t feel that you have enough experience, or your students don´t seem quite enthusiasted on your classes. The fact is that sometimes starting to teach can be a struggling situation, even if you feel excited about it. Let´s picture this scenario: You get…

Should I take Online Piano Lessons?

Should I take Online Piano lessons? Choosing a piano learning system can be stressful, this is because there are many options, private teachers, regular academies, you tube tutorials, books and now we can also take online piano lessons, so, which is the best choice? There is no correct answer at all, it all depends on…

Learning piano: Deciding to take piano lessons

When somebody decides that wants to learn to play piano, there are some issues that must be considered like buying  the instrument, finding a teacher and maybe one of the most important aspects: time to practice. If the student is a child, the responsability relies on his parents, you cannot asume that a 5 year-old…

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