When somebody decides that wants to learn to play piano, there are some issues that must be considered like buying  the instrument, finding a teacher and maybe one of the most important aspects: time to practice.

If the student is a child, the responsability relies on his parents, you cannot asume that a 5 year-old child is going to stop playing with his favorite toy and sit by the piano to practice, so when we talk about children, parents must be aware of that and encourage and motivate their child always in a positive way, making piano lessons an important opportunity to bond, and share the experience with them.

What about an adult? maybe finding time to practice can become a struggling issue that through time can result on quiting. Here is where brief periods of time frequently become underestimated, maybe you are expecting to have 2 or 3 free hours to sit down and practice, if you are a normal adult, that will be difficult sometimes, you can feel frustrated for not having them and you just won´t practice at all. What if we try to find 20 o 30 minutes of free time and then use them to practice, if you are able to practice for 20 minutes twice a day, maybe between other activities, they will become 40 mins!! This can result on a practical advance, Im not saying that you would become a professional, of course that if you want to be a professional musician the time required would be much more but as an amateur student or maybe if  piano is a complementary instrument, 1 hour daily could be very helpful. So don´t stress too much just try to find short and efficient periods of practice time and you will see that slow but real advance is much better.



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