Are you planning starting to teach? Maybe you are currently teaching but don´t feel that you have enough experience, or your students don´t seem quite enthusiasted on your classes. The fact is that sometimes starting to teach can be a struggling situation, even if you feel excited about it.

Let´s picture this scenario: You get to the classroom and first meet this 7 years-old kid which is full of energy and wants to start playing songs inmediately, maybe his mom wants to stay and watch the class because of course, she wants the best for her child and wants to see if you are capable of that. The class begins and the student starts getting bored, maybe your planned activities finish too soon and there are still 20 minutes left.

If you feel identified with this scenario, it´s all right, actually all piano teachers deal with that, so maybe your lack of experience can be translated in lack of tools, so a good way to start developing your classes way better is to acquire a good amount of tools, by this I mean activities that can be applied in your classroom depending of course on your student´s characteristics.

So the first thing to do is try to find several activities that can be done during your class, where your student can develop rythm, sight reading, sound, and good position. You can ask other teachers about what works for them, if you don´t have contact with others teachers, don´t  stress yourself too much, there are many websites that can give you ideas. So do a little bit of research and I am sure you will acquire more tools that would result in better classes, you will feel more confident and your students will notice.



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